Tile reglazing

Basic recommendations for bathtubs maintenance: enlarging of serving term

Contemporary market offers enormous assortment of bathtubs in different sizes, colors and functional peculiarities. All items have limited serving term that mostly depends of the quality of bathtub maintenance. They should be appropriately cleaned by particular washing agents. Be careful because maintenance regulations depend on the material bathtub is produced of.

Take into account the following recommendations:

  •         Steel bathtubs should be cleaned without aggressive agents that contain aids. Surface is damaged by dripping faucets and hot water over 75 degrees C.
  •         Cast-iron bathtubs are recommended to be clean with the help of agents that contain no abrasive materials. Moreover such surface is easily damaged by mechanical impact.
  •         As to the acrylic surfaces they should be cleaned by special agents that are intended for such surfaces.

When you notice that bathtub surface is damaged, don’t panic. You may avoid replacement ordering innovative technique. Bathtub refinishing is perfect alternative that shows brilliant results.

Tile reglazing

Renewing tile covered by scratches, spalls or even seriously damaged

Ceramic tile is one of the most demanded materials for kitchens or bathrooms facing. Contemporary market offers diverse assortment of tile models that are produced in various countries. Even in case of selecting qualitative tile through the years its appearance loses attractiveness.

Noticing that tile is covered by scratches or spalled people think about replacement of the ceramic surface. They are always terrified because of huge cost of works and their complicity but fortunately there appeared perfect alternative that lies in tile reglazing. You may just new surface restoring its natural appearance or even changing design.

Such manipulation may be executed without professional help but professional technicians guarantee the highest quality and durability of the ceramic surface. They thoroughly select painting compositions that are both safe for people or animals and provide perfect covering that looks like brand new ceramic tile.

Reglazing economizes time and money and guarantees wonderful effect therefore such service becomes more and more popular.