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Ideal eyebrows for about a year with innovative cosmetic procedure

If you are keeping tabs on innovations in the sphere of cosmetology you undoubtedly know that one of the most demanded procedures is microblading eyebrows microblading that is provided in most beauty salons. Such technique is also called permanent tattoo makeup or microstroking. The results are really brilliant.

The procedure intends using micro blade for injecting colouring pigment under the skin imitating the line of eyebrows. They look like natural ones because qualified specialist traces the outlines of each hair manually. The effect is continues. Created by this way eyebrows need to pencilling for more than a year. Moreover you may visit swimming pools, beaches with no harm for them.

The result of the procedure can’t be removed easily therefore it is necessary to select the appropriate shape of your eyebrows and color or to consult with professional cosmetologists on this issue.

Microblading demands special preparation. Don’t provide eyebrows correction one week before the procedure. Also it is recommended to avoid antibiotics and alcoholic drinks. After the procedure healing process takes some time but the effect of microblading can be seen almost immediately. In course of time correction is needed while the pigment itself is effective for about a year.

Special care is demanded after microblading and all the recommendations will be obtained from professional cosmetologists.

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